ALARM Monitoring Perth

Today we can offer you a fully monitored alarm that can be linked to HD cameras for verification of alarms events.
Our alarm monitoring options are graded to the highest ASIAL Level of 1A and are handled right here in Perth.

Alarm Monitoring Perth
Alarm Monitoring Perth

The statistics are in.

and the numbers tell the story…

How many break-ins occur in Australia everyday?


How many of these occur in Western Australia everyday?

So how many minutes until the next one occurs in WA?


Alarm Monitoring Perth

Rather than just making a noise, you’ll stay connected to your alarm as all event will be transmitted through to our 24 hour monitoring staff. 

If the alarm is triggered, our Monitoring staff will take action immediately.  They can be instructed to call multiple contacts and, in the event of a multi zone or panic alarm, the Police.


basic - $25.00 Per Month

Dialler Monitoring


  • Professional Monitoring 24/7
  • Connection via your existing phone line

pro - $38.00 Per Month

Permaconn Monitoring 


  • 24/7 Back to Base Monitoring – Our staff action your alarm events
  • Permaconn 4G Wireless Communications (+$200 for unit)
  • No Phone line or internet required.
  • Mobile Device Application – Unlimited Devices.
GPRS Communications

Any physical wire can be tampered with, making it less than ideal for your critical Alarm signals.  We prefer to encrypt your signals and transmit them via a secure radio network, currently Telstra 3G & 4G.

Using this method is not reliant your phone line or internet connection as we make our own dedicated link to either our Cloud Servers or our manned Alarm response Centres.

Our range of communicators will run off your alarm system, meaning even in the event of a power outage, your alarm back up battery will keep communications alive.

Integrated Risco GSM Module - $0

This communicator is included as standard on our range of Risco Alarm panels.

Connectivity Package Basic – $20.00 per month
Connectivity Package Pro – $38.00 per month



PM 24 LTE - CAT M1 - $200.00 + install

The smallest and most cost-effective single SIM Communicator in Australia. Suits Hills Alarm System.

 * NOW WITH FREE INSTALLATION then $40 per Month.

PM 45 4G - $275.00 + install

Highly advanced alarm communicator that uses multiple secure paths (3G, 4G and IP) to connect any alarm system to a Monitoring Centre.

* NOW WITH FREE INSTALLATION then $40 per Month.