Lightsys2 Alarm

LightSys2 Alarm System with Phone App Compatibilty - $699.00 Inc GST


  • 1 x LightSYS2 Alarm Panel
  • 1 x Full-Text Key Pad or upgrade to Elegant Touch (+ $150)
  • 3 x Motion Detector
  • 1 x Plug Pack and Back Up Battery
  • 1 x External Siren and Blue Strobe Light
  • Free Phone Application (Requires IP  or 3G Module)
  • IP Module + $300  (Requires Ethernet Connection to the Internet)
  • 3G Module +$350 (Requires SIM Card)

LightSYS2 Overview

The LightSYS2 Alarm system is feature packed and combines the latest technology making it perfect for both home and business applications. The systems is capable of up to 50 hard wired or wireless devices, meaning you could secure the full perimeter of your property before running out of spare zones. We include a 3G Modem enabling the system to send a push notification to a mobile app on your phone if triggered. Our smart phone app also allow you to fully control your alarm from wherever you happen to be, provided you have an internet connection.

Want to rent this system for just $50 per Month?

Simply select one of our Rental Packages for a minimum of 36 months.


  • Wired, wireless or RISCO Bus detectors
  • Flexible communication from within the main housing
  • Plug-in, GSM/GPRS and IP modules, onboard PSTN
  • Wireless receiver can be installed inside or outside the main enclosure
  • Selectable EOL zone resistance and remote zone resistance measurement
  • RISCO Bus technology saves you time and money, while Auto-Install and Bus Test simplify installation and maintenance
  • Adaptive menu tree displays only the relevant options according to hardware installed and authorization level
  • Easy firmware upgrade with flash memory
  • Advanced PC configuration Software for easy remote or onsite programming
  • Live Video Verification now available

Tech Specs

  • Zones: 8 – 48 wired, 8 – 50 wireless – up to 32 BUS detectors
  • Partitions: 4
  • Groups per partition: 4
  • Zone resistance: Fully selectable
  • PS Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • PS output / Main board input 14.4 VDC / 1.5A
  • Main board output: 800mA Aux current, 500mA siren driver
  • Zone loop response: 1msec, 10msec, 400 msec, 1 sec, 1/2 hour to 4 hours
  • Additional inputs: Bell tamper, Box tamper
  • Programmable outputs: 4 (3*100mA opto-relays + 1A relay) expandable to 14
  • User codes: 30, 500 Event log
  • Keypads: 4 wired, 2 wireless
  • Wireless Keyfobs: 16
  • Follow-me destinations: 16

Risco Alarm Event Cameras

Take your LightSYS2 alarm to a whole new level with integrated Risco VUpoint IP Cameras.

These cameras provide instant verification of alarm events, so you’ll know why your alarm went off.

Just $395 per Camera (inc GST )

When installed with any Risco Alarm.

VUpoint Turret Camera

PoE Turret Camera

• Starlight Technology
• ePoE
• SD card inside
• IP67
• Max. IR LEDs 50m

VUpoint Bullet Camera

PoE Bullet Camera

• Starlight Technology
• ePoE
• SD card inside
• IP67
• Max. IR LEDs 40m

VUpoint PanTilt Camera

WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera

• Color HD
• Day/Night
• Pan-Tilt rotation via the app
• Built-in Mic & Speaker
• SD card inside
• Max. IR LEDs 10m

VUpoint wifi Camera

WiFi Bullet Outdoor Camera

• Color HD
• Day/Night
• WiFi
• IP67
• SD card inside
• Max. IR LEDs 30m

Risco Cloud Phone Application

Want to be in full control of your alarm wherever you are?

With a Risco Alarm System, you can be connected at all times via the Risco Cloud Service and our smart phone app.

This useful app will give you instant notifications of alarm events and provides full control of  your alarm along with access to the alarm history via a cloud stored event log.

You can even set up multiple users to receive notifications of alarms as a back up.

Your security is assured as all remote access is controlled by a password on the Risco Cloud Service and a valid PIN code on your alarm.

Control Your Alarm Remotely

Full control of the system, wherever you are, just like you’re at home.

Get Alarm Notifications

You’ll know when your alarm is activated immediately.

See Event History

Look back to see what alarms have occured and who has disarmed your system.

Control Who Has Access.

Add and remove users and control who get notified when the alarm goes off.

Security Assured.

You’ll need a valid PIN code to control the Alarm System

Rental Packages

If you prefer to keep your hard earned money and simply Rent this alarm system we’ll install it at no cost to you. 
Requires a minimum term of 36 months.


$0 upfront. 

Fully Maintained – Any problems we’ll send a Service Tech to replace or repair the system at no cost to you.

No internet Required – We’ll provided a Data SIM

Rental - $0 down then $50.00 Per Month

Self Monitoring over minimum 36 Months


  • Mobile Device Application – Unlimited Devices.
  • Push Notification of Alarm Events.
  • Data SIM Card – No Phone or Internet Required.
  • Free Onsite Servicing – During Office Hours
  • Cloud Event Storage – Up to 90 Days

Rental pro - $0 Down then $68.00 Per Month

Professional Monitoring over a minimum of 36 months


  • 24/7 Back to Base Monitoring – Our staff action your alarm events
  • Data SIM Card – No Phone or Internet Required.
  • Free Onsite Servicing – During Office Hours
  • Mobile Device Application – Unlimited Devices.
  • Cloud Event Storage – Up to 90 Days
LightSYS2 Accessories
Risco BWare Dual Tech

BWare Dual Tech

AntiCloak/Commercial Grade Detector with PIR and Microwave Technology

Risco Wireless PIR

RFPIR Without Camera

Add this motion detector inside your property, where cabling is not possible.

Risco Beyond DT Outdoor Detector

DT Outdoor Detector

Catch the intruder before they break in with PIR & Microwave Technology.

Risco Glass break

Glass Break Detector


Perfect for fixed panes or to protect banks of windows in close proximity.

Risco Curtain Detector

RFCurtain Detector

Detects motion in a narrow beam rather than a wide spread

Risco Wireless Smoke

RF Smoke Detector

A fire may have a more devastating effect than a break in.

Risco Panda Keypad

NEW Panda Keypad

The latest Panda keypad is stylish and well featured. You can add up to 4 in total.

Risco Wireless Twin Beams

Wireless Twin Beams

Catch the intruder before they get in. Range up to 10 metres.

Risco Shockguard

Shockgard with MRS

Perfect for securing your doors & windows. These detect vibrations.