Beyond DT Wireless Outdoor Detector with Camera


Catch the intruder before they break in with an inbuilt camera and Dual tech Sensors.

Pay a 60% deposit per item


Beyond offers one of a kind combination of dual technology and integrated camera, providing crystal clear visual verification capability via the iRISCO smartphone app., web interface or monitoring station. These new features are combined with RISCO’s unique detection technologies of Sway Recognition™ and Digital Correlation™ which drastically reduce false alarms in outdoor environments and Provide an ultimate outdoor detection solution.

• Cutting edge wireless DT outdoor detector with integral high-resolution colour camera
• Crystal clear images for visual alarm verification, day and night
• Unique solar powered solution enabling long battery life
• Visual Alarm verification via the iRISCO mobile app
• Minimal false alarm rate due to high detection performance technologies and visual verification capability


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