Videofied Business Alarm Package - $1300.00 Inc GST


  • 1 x Videofied Alarm Panel
  • 1 x Full-Text Key Pad
  • 2 x Motion Detector with Camera
  • 1 x Plug Pack and Back Up Battery
  • 1 x 3G Module for Comms. & Remote Suppor

Videofied Overview

The Videofied Alarm system is a fully wireless, business security system.  This alarm system virtually eliminates false alarms as all motion detectors have video cameras built in.  These cameras spring to life, when the alarm is armed, and transmit live video images through to our monitoring staff for verification.  If human activity is detected we will contact the police or your approved list of contacts. If no human activity is detected, our staff will simply reset the system and no bother you.  This means no more wake up call in the middle of night for you or your staff unnecessarily.


  • Video Verification – video resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 0 lux sensitivity, 5-frames per second for approx. 10 seconds total recording time. 220K MPEG file.
  • Up to 25 Wireless zones/devices
  • Mapping feature to trigger a video upon activation of a programmable input
  • 3 programmable inputs
  • 2 programmable outputs to activate third party devices on site (smoke cloak, gates, strobes, sirens, etc…)
  • 2 dedicated on-board connectors to extend the 3G
  • 4 Areas with 2 special arming mode and partitions
  • 20 user codes or Badges
  • 4.000 Events history log
  • Power : 12VDC with Alkaline batteries for back-up (up to
  • Built-in RJ45 for Ethernet transmission to report to your
  • Built-in 3G cellular transmitter to report to your Monitoring Station in the Frontel protocol

Tech Specs

  • Power Requirements:  Option 1- 12v DC / 2A with  Back up 4 Alkaline 1.5v DCell, LR20  Battery life (estimated) Up to 1 year Option 2 –  4 SAFT LSH20 Batteries  Battery life Up to 4 years
  • RF Technology: S2View®
  • Radio type Spread Spectrum Bidirectional
  • Operating frequency 915 MHz. (US)
  • Transmission security AES encryption algorithm
  • Supervision Panel polls devices every 8 minutes
  • Antennas Integrated
  • Tamper: Base and Cover Tamper
  • Wired Arming Inputs: 2
  • Dry Contact option Yes
  • Inputs Voltage 2VDC (15v max)
  • Inputs Current 2 mA max
  • Programmable Wired Inputs: 3
  • Dry Contact Yes
  • Inputs voltage 12VDC (15v max)
  • Programmable Wired Outputs: 2
  • Max switching voltage 220VDC / 250VAC
  • Max switching current 4A
  • Max switching power 120VA
  • Devices per system: 24 per system + Keypad
  • Access Codes 19 maximum + Installer Code
  • Security Levels 3
  • Arming modes 2
  • Areas: 4
  • Communication Formats Cellular 3G / Ethernet
  • Special arming modes 4 (Area 1 predefined
  • Communicator type Cellular 3G and Ethernet
  • Remote Maintenance Frontel Installer Protocol only
  • Video Transmission By Frontel protocol to Central Monitoring Station
  • Video file size 220 Kbytes
  • Video Framing 5 frames/second
  • Image format JPEG
  • Image Resolution 320×240 Pixels
  • History/Event Log 4,000 Stored events
  • Operating temperature 14° to +104° F (-10 to +40° C)
  • Maximum relative humidity 95%, non-condensing
  • Material ABS-ULVO
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) 9” x 7”x 2-1/16” 22.86 x 17.78 x 5.48cm
  • External Antenna: 2 Built in MMCX connectors to extend the 3G and RF range

Monitoring Packages

All alarms go off. When they do the most common question is why?

With the Videofied alarm, the activation along with a video clip is sent to our monitoring team.  They will view the event and determine if a threat is present or not.

For example, if no human activity is present they will simply reset the system. However, if human activity is detected, they will call the Police or follow your precise instructions.

No more being woken up in the middle of the night for a false alarm.


basic - $66.00 Per Month

Home Monitoring


  • 24/7 Back to Base Video Monitoring – Our staff action your alarm events
  • Data SIM Card – No Phone or Internet Required.
  • Free Remote Servicing – During Office Hours
  • 1 Onsite Visit Per Year – If Required. Value $176.00

pro - $76.00 Per Month

Business/Site Professional Monitoring


  • 24/7 Back to Base Video Monitoring – Our staff action your alarm events
  • Data SIM Card – No Phone or Internet Required.
  • Free Remote Servicing – During Office Hours
  • Late to close/open monitoring
  • 1 Onsite Visit Per Year – If Required. Value $176.00

Videofied Wireless Accessories

Outdoor Motion Viewer with Camera


Add outdoor protection to catch the intruder before they gain access to your property.

Indoor Motion Viewer with Camera


Detects motion inside your property and transmits live video to our monitoring staff.

PIR Motion Detector without Camera

Add more motion detectors inside your property. This model has no camera.

Universal Transmitter


Connect 3rd party devices to the Videofied System like roller door reeds.

Magnetic Reed Switch

This detector uses a Magnet to detects the opening of doors & windows.

Additional Keypad


Add more keypads for controlling your alarm from a secondary entry point.

Outdoor Siren & Strobe


Will sound on activation of an alarm and strobe the blue light for police recognition.

Keyfob Remote


Control the Videofied Alarm system from outside your property.

External Badge Reader


Arm and disarm the Videofied Alarm system using a badge. No need to enter a code.