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Security Perth Buyers Guide

When purchasing your new  security alarm, there a few important things to consider.   Hopefully these videos will save you some buyers remorse  in the future.

Want A Basic System?

Staying Connected

Perimeter - Yes or No?

Things change. So although you may only want a basic security alarm system now, the ability to add to it later is vital. This basic alarm has 50 zones, allowing you to expand the system to full perimeter alarm if required.

The ability to get notified when your home alarm or CCTV system is activated is often overlooked. This system provides a phone app with PUSH notifications and even takes photos of the intruder for you.

Do you want to catch an intruder before they gain access to your property?  This alarm system integrates IP Cameras so that you can see what caused your alarm to be triggered.  You can even reset the security system with out going home.