HIlls Reliance Alarm

Bosch Alarm Packages - From $829.00 Inc GST

Includes Installation of:

  • 1 x Solution 2000 Alarm Panel
  • 1 x Basic Keypad or upgrade to Touch Screen (+ $250)
  • 3 x PIR Motion Detector
  • 1 x Plug Pack and Back Up Battery
  • 1 x External Siren and Blue Strobe Light

Bosch Solution Alarm Overview

Bosch are famous for quality products and their Security Alarm Range has kept up the standards.

Although Bosch has kept up with the latest technology, keeping your home or business safe doesn’t need to be complicated. The Range of Solution 2000 & 3000 security alarms are so easy to use — all it takes is “one touch.”

Supporting up to 8 fully programmable zones on the Solution 2000 and 16 fully programmable zones on the Solution 3000, this range of intrusion panels is suitable for any home, and even some commercial premises.

With support for up to four keypads on both panels and the ability to be split in to two separate partitions on the Solution 3000, you have the flexibility of one security system that can act as two. Both the house and garage/ granny flat can be covered by the one system at one cost. Each partition can even report to a different monitoring centre if desired – the perfect arrangement for shared premises such as duplex houses or commercial properties.

For larger commercial premises, Bosch offer the Solution 6000 alarm panel.

Alarm Verification Cameras are not possible with this alarm, however you could consider a separate Hikvision CCTV System.



  • Wired or wireless detectors
  • Wireless receiver can be installed inside or outside the main enclosure

Tech Specs

  • Zones: 8 – 16  wired, 8  (Solution2000) – 16  (Soltuion 3000) wireless
  • Partitions: 4
  • Groups per partition: 4
  • Zone resistance: Fully selectable
  • PS Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • PS output / Main board input 14.4 VDC / 1.5As
  • Additional inputs: Bell tamper, Box tamper
  • Programmable outputs: 4 
  • User codes: 21-32,
  • Keypads: 4 wired, 2 wireless
  • Wireless Keyfobs: 16
  • Follow-me destinations: 16

Monitoring Packages

Rather than just making a noise, you’ll stay connected to your alarm as all event will be transmitted through to our 24 hour monitoring staff. 

If the alarm is triggered, our Monitoring staff will take action immediately.  They can be instructed to call multiple contacts and, in the event of a multi zone or panic alarm, the Police.


basic - $25.00 Per Month

Dialler Monitoring


  • Professional Monitoring 24/7
  • Connection via your existing phone line

pro - $38.00 Per Month

Permaconn Monitoring 


  • 24/7 Back to Base Monitoring – Our staff action your alarm events
  • Permaconn 4G Wireless Communications (+$200 for unit)
  • No Phone line or internet required.
  • Mobile Device Application – Unlimited Devices.

Bosch Alarm Accessories

BWare Dual Tech

AntiCloak/Commercial Grade Detector with PIR and Microwave Technology

RFPIR Without Camera

Add this motion detector inside your property, where cabling is not possible.

DT Outdoor Detector

Catch the intruder before they break in with PIR & Microwave Technology.

Glass Break Detector


Perfect for fixed panes or to protect banks of windows in close proximity.

RFCurtain Detector

Detects motion in a narrow beam rather than a wide spread

RF Smoke Detector

A fire may have a more devastating effect than a break in.


NEW Panda Keypad

The latest Panda keypad is stylish and well featured. You can add up to 4 in total.

Wireless Twin Beams

Catch the intruder before they get in. Range up to 10 metres.


Shockgard with MRS

Perfect for securing your doors & windows. These detect vibrations.